Mental Health is Everyone’s Business

guardian-young-peopleThose who know me or my writings will know that this is a large part of my philosophy. After all I worked as a mental health nurse for about 30 years! However I think it is worth unpicking this a little. I doubt if there is anyone in the country who doesn’t know someone who has a serious mental health problem.  I know it is there in my extended family, I also know of those in my street who suffer from serious mental health problems.

I also see a number of clients where mental health is the main reason they come for Aromatherapy Massage. In fact, this group make up over half my clients. Yet, how often do you hear people talking about mental health problems? How often do you hear people talking about physical health problems? I am sure you notice a difference! I notice a difference and I hear mental health issues talked about a lot because of my work and the fact that people know I am open to talking about them.

If as a society we are going to take mental health seriously we need to talk about it. It is never going to get parity in funding as long as there is a conspiracy of silence where people pretend it isn’t relevant to them or their family. If you know someone who is affected by mental illness, make a point of offering support even if it is just letting them know you are there for them.