Coping with the changing seasons.

I have seen quite a few posts recently from people who are struggling with the changing cycle of the year  and in the case of a couple also their own cycle. Sometimes we need a little help to cope with the changes that life or the seasons throw at us.


The important thing is to not just accept that it has to be this way. You can do something about it. Spend more time out of doors, especially around mid day when the light is at its best. Eat some of the wonderful produce that is around at this time of year.This can be anything from the wonderfully aromatic quince to the massive range of pumpkin and squash that abound. They are not just for carving into lanterns!


And of course, as well as making the most of what the season has to offer, an aromatherapy massage with organic essential oils is just the thing for a pickmeup.

Rose, Cypress and Clary Sage are all wonderful ones for those who also have menstrual problems now or at any time of the year. Rosemary and Citrus oils together can really lift the spirits and give us a renewed sense of purpose. Don’t just suffer but book yourself an aromatherapy massage. or phone 07939273569