Bring a friend.

Bring a friend to see you benefit from some bottled sunshine.

I don’t know how other practitioners react to a client asking if they can bring a friend with them but I personally have no problem with it. Sometimes the reason is simply the friend provides the transport, other times it is that the client may be worried about having a male practitioner or it may be that they want the friend there to make sure that when I take a history, they don’t miss anything out. I am sure that there are many other reasons someone may want to bring a friend  that I haven’t experienced yet or haven’t thought about.

To get the best from a massage, the client has to feel safe. If a friend is necessary for that it will help my client relax and I will be able to do a better job. And of course, there is always the chance that the friend seeing the massage, may end up coming as a client too so I may get some free advertising! Ideally, I like to know in advance so that I can ensure there is somewhere for the friend to sit. Not a problem during the massage as they can use the chair the client uses during the consultation but it may be an issue during the consultation and if at the Salus wellness centre then it would restrict which rooms I could use as a couple of them are on the small side for a third person sitting in the room.

Some clients have only had the friend in for the first appointment. Others have had them for subsequent ones as well. Either is fine.

So if you need a friend to come with you when you have an aromatherapy massage, don’t let that stop you.