Ethical Business

A week ago, I attended the Ethical Consumer annual conference. I was interested to hear about how different campaigns affected working conditions, the environment etc.

As an aromatherapist, I know that some oils such as Rosewood are unethical if they don’t come from managed woods where re-planting takes place. (Ironically, the one country I have visited (Belize) where one of these woods is, the locals use it for fence posts!)

I have also been thinking about what makes an ethical business? Not over charging, looking after the environment, sourcing materials ethically and a number of other things come to mind. I have still to find however a source of unbleached couch roll. (The paper roll I put on top of the couch cover when doing massage. I am currently working on trying to find out if there is anyone willing to get into this market. – Possibly Suma or Ecoleaf who produce kitchen paper and loo rolls from recycled paper?

If you know somewhere that already makes this product, please do get in touch.


Or of course if you want an aromatherapy massage from someone who works hard at trying to ensure his business is ethical!