Re-blogging as it says a lot of what I know about chronic pain and some things I didn’t know. Most of all it says it in a clearer and more accessible way than I could manage.

The balancing act

Pain is a strange thing. Most people are familiar with occasional pain, stubbed toes, cuts, scrapes. Some people have experienced severe pain, broken limbs, post surgical, heart attack. Then, there are people like me, people who are in pain all the time. I have been in pain all my life. I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t. Actually, for me this is something of a benefit. I’ve had 19 years to learn how to manage pain. For me, this doesn;t mean drugs. Paracetamol makes me drowsy, NSAIDs could upset my gut, codeine knocks me out completely, and I can’t remember what side effects I had with gabapentin. As in I can’t remember the two months I spent on it. Not exactly desirable, besides, I found that any painkiller I took would numb the smaller muscle and joint pains, but not the big ones. because I couldn’t feel the…

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