What ages is Aromatherapy suitable for?

I know there are some who use essential oils on infants. However I don’t I would use an infused oil of either lavender or Roman Chamomile for sleep issues but as it happens, I have not been asked to treat any infants. I would also be prepared to use a vapouriser however I would use it at a lower rate and not in a small room.

The youngest person I have treated was ten and I used half the concentration of oils I use for adults. With adolescents I use the full adult dose unless there are issues that might compromise  elimination of the oils e.g. poor liver or kidney function or anorexia. However all these reasons for reducing the dose apply equally to adults. I will also reduce the dose with frail elderly clients. (The oldest client I currently see is 73 though not particularly frail. (I follow  the definition of elderly that I had as a teenager – anyone twenty or more years older than myself which means clients have to be at least 81 now to come in that category!)

So bottom line is I will see clients of any age so long as they want to see me, though with under 16’s I need approval of someone with parental responsibility.