Treating Ourselves

Through my time as a trustee of my professional organisation and also prior to that working as a nurse and of course the clinic where I work, I know a lot of  other therapists and people in helping professions generally. Sadly a lot of us are not great at looking after ourselves.

I was reminded of this today when a member of my professional association posted on the members’ Facebook page a question about which oils to help as she had fractured some ribs due to severe coughing.

If she had been asked about oils to help someone else with the same problem I am certain she would have come up with the answers.

As it was ideas came onto the site within a very short time of her posting the question. Lavender, Cyprus and other oils to soothe the respiratory system and comfrey oil to aid healing the fractures. (An old country name for it is, “Bone Knit.” However this name may not only refer to the healing properties of comfrey as the roots can also be ground up to make a substance similar to plaster of Paris that can be used to make casts around broken limbs/ankles/wrists etc. Of course in accident and emergency departments these days  fibreglass is used instead because it is so light.

So to all those who are great at looking after others, remember, sometimes it is important to treat yourself!


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