Frost , good or bad?

It depends!

I have clients who  have much less pain in cold weather but also some who really struggle with heat and that is not only the clients I have who are going through the menopause. As I write, I am sitting next to an open window on the morning of the first frost I have seen on looking out of the window at first light. There have been one or two slight frosts already but they were long gone by the time I got up at seven or eight in the morning.

Several  essential oils depend on frost and even plants that are damaged by frost often need a period below a certain temperature in order to fruit. Citrus for example will not fruit without such a period.

Other plants depend on a good frost to kill of pest species or at least to keep them down to a level that does not do too much damage.

And needless to say, clients at my home this week will all benefit from the wood stove warming the room as well as the towels and also melting the coconut oil I use for massage!