How to use Essential Oils Keep Safe!

Through my professional association’s Facebook page I have learned that a multi-level marketing essential oil company is in their workshops advocating both the internal use of essential oils and their use undiluted on the skin, specifically, the application of 100 drops along the length of the spine.

One hundred drops is way above the maximum safe amount to use in a carrier oil for a full body massage. This practice is absolutely not safe, nor is the taking of oils such as eucalyptus by adding them to a cup of tea or water. I would urge anyone buying essential oils to only buy from members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC)

This page on their site has much information about safe rates of dilution.

I would also urge everyone to  only use organic products on their skin and to read labels carefully. Some brands are using the Soil Association symbol even though only some of the ingredients of their products are organic!