Essential oils. Therapeutic Agents?

In Australia there is a move doubtless backed by the pharmaceutical companies to outlaw therapeutic claims for essential oils. At the same time, those same pharmaceutical companies are trying to get increasingly restrictive legislation passed so they can make more money out of essential oils.

It is worth remembering that there is increasingly good evidence not only for the effectiveness of some essential oils but also for their mode of operation through TRP channels at the cell level.

That said, there is also much false information available about essential oils, much of it merely because those passing it on have not kept up to date. There are still text books that say Juniper should not be used at all in pregnancy due to the risk of it causing abortion. This has been tested and found to be completely untrue and the root of this is the use of Gin as an anaesthetic agent for illegal abortions. Clary Sage, long seen as a woman’s oil for its use to aid menstrual pain actually works as an antagonist to oestrogen rather than having an oestrogenic effect similar to parabens from plastics leaching into the water system.

There are obviously many more pieces of research, indeed many more I am not yet aware of. That is why it is important for anyone writing about oils, legislating about them, selling them or using them to keep up to date. I have not seen anything recently which reduces the range of oils I might use but it could well happen. If it does, there may well be oils that I either stop using or stop using for particular clients/conditions.