Ecological dilemmas.

Both in my personal life and in my professional life, I face dilemmas as to what is the best thing to do. This is particularly true in the field of caring for the earth and its ecology.

When it comes to essential oils, I have to trust the credentials of the suppliers of essential oils I use and what they tell me.

I also have to choose when it comes to the materials I use. Towels can be obtained that are both fair trade and organic. These are more expensive but not prohibitively so. When it comes to clothing however, it isn’t so easy. I have found organic cotton tunics but they are about three times the price of others on the market. Perhaps like food this is the price of living in a style more in tune with the planet and will be until those who pollute pay the real price of what they do.

Another issue is couch roll.  On an internet search, the only unbleached couch roll I could find is from New Zealand. On checking again to write this post I thought I had come up with a supplier after seeing “Organic, Unbleached Paper Rolls” but on further investigation, this was rolling paper for tobacco and other substances!

So I have the choice between washing the couch cover after every single client or using bleached couch roll. I have chosen the former of the two options but don’t really know which one does more damage to the environment.

All I can say is that I will do my best to run my business in as ecological a manner as I can.IMG_0764