I Care for Others…..

I wonder how many people I have heard that from over the years? During my time in mental health I heard it a lot, from both staff and patients. This was also something that  was often part of a problem.

We all need caring for at times, especially those of us who are in the caring business ourselves. Caring for others to me means being there for them, able to really listen and gain some understanding of their problems and needs. As an aromatherapist and massage practitioner, I can usually meet at least some of those needs however,  if I don’t look after my own needs and find some nurturing for myself, then I will quickly find myself unable to give others the positive attention they need. My own issues and problems will get in the way.

Of course, how these needs are met will vary greatly from person to person. When working in mental health, a big part of my dealing with stress was by attending circus classes. That sort of play is still something I enjoy greatly. More recently, I will get massage for myself as well as giving it. Experiencing it from the client’s perspective helps me in understanding more what my clients need as well as helping me to relax and deal with my own problems.

So  if there is any chance that you are one of those people who always have time for others but find it difficult to make time for yourself why not book an Aromatherapy Massage by calling

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