Back Massage

The back is arguably the most  common reason for a client to come to a massage practitioner.Just think of our language. A weak person is described as spineless. We are told when doing physical work to put our back into it and if stressed and in a bad place psychologically, they say we look as if we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

So even when the back is not the primary reason for a client coming to see me, work on the back to release tension and work on the meridians in the back to allow the free flow of Qi or energy is nearly always important. Essential oils can also help both with pain relief and with psychological issues. These will be chosen especially to meet your needs.

Looking after your back is one way to improve your health in almost every respect!

This video shows some of how I work on the  back though obviously this varies from client to client depending on their needs. I normallty do the back as part of a whole body massage as the whole body is connected and a problem in one area almost  inevitably has some knock on effect in others. If you have back problems, email or phone 07939273569 to find out how I can help. As I write with snow on the ground and sub zero temperatures, both Salus Wellness Centre in central Cambridge and my home in Trumpington offer a warm haven from the cold, the latter including a wood stove.