It is all too easy when thinking of essential oils to be reminded of  the smells we get from plants and trees in the summer, bees on the flowers and all the while, sunshine is being transformed into the essential oils that end up in the bottles I and other aromatherapists buy.

It is worth remembering that winter is also a vital part of the production of these oils and that many plants will not produce the seeds for the next generation without a period of cold. This applies to many trees such as apples and also the citrus species though the temperature they, “think of” as cold is different in each case.

The trees draw their energy down into their roots and the amount of sap in the wood is at its lowest in winter. (This makes it a good time to cut wood for burning as it will require less drying.) However at the same time subtle changes are happening in preparation for the explosion of new growth that happens in spring.

In the same way, winter is often a time of introspection for us. A time to nurture ourselves and lay the groundwork for projects that might be bursting into life with the lengthening days.

An aromatherapy massage might be just the thing you need to help nurture yourself and free that creativity that is waiting to show itself so if you are in need of some nurturing and who isn’t at this time of year?

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