What do you want from an Aromatherapy Massage?

This is the question I always ask at the start of a consultation.  It can be very specific such as, “I want to be able to turn my head to the left again,” or, “I want to get a good night’s sleep.” For others, it is less precise such as feeling less stressed or more relaxed but sometimes even in the psychological field it can be precise and whether with me or another therapist, the more and better information you can provide, the more you will get out of your treatment.

Some other questions, about medical history, allergies etc. are necessary so that I can be sure I don’t use any oil that is contraindicated or perform over-vigorous massage over a recently torn muscle etc. Yet other questions give more depth to my understanding which in turn helps me in choosing oils and the massage. I also find it is not unusual for me to notice evidence of an old injury that the client hasn’t mentioned. I can understand this. If I had an injury that I no longer paid any attention to, I could easily forget to mention it myself. On the other hand, one that I was aware of how it affected my day to day living would certainly be mentioned.

Some clients (probably the majority of those I see) want a more nurturing style of massage rather than the pummelling that I occasionally get asked for. It is also OK to change your mind about this during a treatment, indeed, I encourage all my clients to tell me if they would like more or less pressure, any areas of the body they don’t want me to touch and areas they would like more attention paid to.

The video shows a fairly typical example of how I work on the back but it does vary as every client’s body is different just as their state of mind is different every time they come.