Keeping Healthy This Year

Many people decide to get fit in the new year.  Start running or join a gym to burn off those extra calories from Christmas. (I certainly need to!) Sadly all too many don’t keep it up. If you are one of those who struggles to keep up the resolution of keeping fit, why not add something else into your health routine?

Regular massage helps reduce sports injuries in general. When combined with essential oils it can also help reduce the number of infections you get.

However one of the most important things is,  it provides you with a reward for all that hard work you are doing. A reward makes it much more likely that you will stick to whatever routine you choose to use to stay fit. Even if all you are doing is cutting down on what you are eating. (I say all as if it were that easy!) An aromatherapy massage could be just what you need, especially if you are denying yourself that bar of chocolate or beer in the evening.

So if you have made a resolution to keep fit, why not phone or email me to book an appointment. or 07939273569