Short Aromatherapy Sessions

Regular readers of my posts will know that my preference is for longer sessions. I have done sessions as long as two and a half hours though ninety minutes is my norm.

However there are times when shorter sessions can be very  useful. Ten minutes hand or head massage can help deal with acute anxiety. Sometimes I may just to a back massage which will make for an appointment time of between a half and three quarters of an hour.

At a project working with young people in Huntingdon, I often just do fifteen minutes though in one case I would do longer if it were not for family dynamics that prevent the young person from staying longer most weeks.


When seeing clients where they pay me rather than my being paid by social services, the cost per hour is unfortunately higher as I still have the same overheads with regards to washing towels etc.

If you would like to book a shorter session with me, do please get in touch by phone or email.

07939273569 or

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