The Flu Season

On my Facebook feed, I have seen much argument about the effectiveness or otherwise of vaccines and the potential problems they can cause. I don’t have a position on this unlike on the MMR vaccine which I believe to be safe and that even if some of the alleged problems from it did exist the numbers would still to my mind be small compared to the number of lives saved.
What I do believe is there is still a lot we can do to reduce our chances of catching influenza irrespective of whether or not we are vaccinated. (There is no doubt that there are strains of flu that the vaccine doesn’t cover.)
  1. Eat healthily.
  2. Avoid hospitals! If you are ill they are good places but anywhere that large numbers of people are gathered together in combined spaces is a high risk area. Even more so when some of those in the area are there because of the infection.
  3. Practice good hygiene. Regular hand washing is the most important thing when it comes to avoiding not just flu but many other infections.
  4. Use essential oils. Using essential oils on a regular basis helps to kill bacteria and viruses in the environment. I add them to household cleaning products as well as using them in my practice. There is no proof of course but using essential oils regularly I have not had flu for over 15 years and that is without being vaccinated.
  5. Regular massage with essential oils also helps maintain general health and hence resistance to infection.