Cycles of the Year.

As I write, the days are getting noticeably longer. My drive to work in Huntingdon on Thursday evenings is now during daylight hours again, broad beans and garlic shoots are both well above ground on the allotment and the hazel is covered in catkins.

Despite this the cloud cover today makes it if not dark, at least a little gloomy in my office so when I come in to check my emails. I have known many who if not clinically depressed do get despondent at this time of year so what can we do about this?

  1. Eat healthily and exercise. It is all too easy to eat stodge at this time of year and to avoid exercise, especially if this is normally done out of doors.

  2. Get outside! We need natural light in order to produce vitamin D and to get enough at this time of year we need at least half an hour outside during the middle two hours of the day.

  3. Use essential oils. Frankincense and the citrus oils along with Rose and Jasmine are all ones which can enhance our mood. Others that might help this time of year are Juniper which reminds me of Christmas trees and Pine.

  4. Give yourself treats. This can be done without going against my first point! An aromatherapy massage or other form of pampering never goes amiss but especially at this time of year. 07939273569 or to book.