My Go To Oils

Every aromatherapist has their, “go to” oils, the ones they seem to use more than any others. What these oils are will depend partly on their own likes and dislikes. (If honest we have to admit that it is not purely based on our client’s needs.)

However to a large extent it is based on the type of client we see. I see a large percentage of clients with anxiety and or depression and that makes Frankincense and Bitter Orange or Bergamot really important oils for me. Of course you could say that it is something to do with my own favourite oils that leads me to see clients where these are so appropriate?

As well as their properties in dealing with mental distress, these oils are both also good for digestive complaints and the frankincense is one of the best anti-inflammatory oils there is making it good for headaches as well as a wide range of physical complaints.

Of course, just about any oils you could name will have a wide range of actions for both physical and psychological conditions.

What are your favourite oils? If you book a massage you can ask for them! Also let me know in comments section.