Vetiver for staying/getting Grounded

Not in the teenager sense of, “You’re Grounded!” the root of this grass that grows over much of the Indian Sub-continent has a green woody (to my nose at least) aroma with predominantly, base notes present. The aroma notes  for it say, “Sweet  and warm, ri h and resinous, slightly woody and smoky.”  It is I believe the best oil of all for those who either need help in staying grounded, or whose work makes it important to stay grounded most of the time.

This is not to put any judgement on letting our minds wander through fantasies of what we might do, “if only.” There is a place for such wandering but for example, that place is not while I am seeing clients. It was one of my most used oils when I worked in a mental health adolescent unit. I use it a little less with clients now but still rate it as one of the most important essential oils in the two boxes, I carry around with me.


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