Thoughts on Advertising.

I received the following email today.

Hello! I wanted to get in touch as I am working on an advertorial page for the June issue of British Vogue Magazine and think that your company would be a perfect fit! It is a page suggesting the best places to stay, eat and visit for a weekend in Oxford and Cambridge. I would love to discuss this further with you, so if you could give me a call back. we can have a chat. Alternatively, feel free to send an email . I look forward to hearing from you! Laura Bailey

While I have no doubt that such a advertorial might bring me a few clients, I am not sure how much they would expect me to pay and suspect that it is rather more than I would consider given that my business is very small, I am a lone practitioner  rather than having several  therapists working for me and probably would find a massive increase in the number of clients I see more than I would like for a good work life balance. However I will respond just to find out how much they were thinking of.