Which Way Up.

I have always started my massage routine with working on the back with my client lying face down. I then do the back of the legs, ask my client to turn over and then do the front of the legs,  stomach, arms, neck and shoulders, face and head the amount of time spent on each depending on the client’s needs and wishes.

One of our teachers when I trained,  did back of legs first, then back then front of body as described above. I have had a couple of clients whose first instinct is to lie down face up and recently a client asked which way up I wanted her to start the massage. She herself was a practitioner and had been taught a routine that started with the client lying on their back.

This led me to think.

  1. There really  is no right and wrong way to do ths.

  2. How easy it is to get fixed in  ones views or at least how easy it is for me to get fixed!

I will consider t his and might even vary  my routine in the future depending on where the client is and their needs and thinking.