Second and subsequent appointments

When a client books another appointment, perhaps that is the best feedback that they find your work helpful. There is one caveat however and that is there are practitioners around who tell clients that it is going to require at least x appointments to sort out their problem. Perhaps the best example of this is in psychoanalysis where some trainee analysts who have to pass their individual analysis in order to qualify are kept on as clients by their training analysts for many years before they finally attain the exulted status of psychoanalyst!

There is of course no such requirement to pass ones own treatment in order to qualify as an aromatherapist!

With my own practice, appointments after the initial one mean a longer massage, if clients come for a ninety minute appointment. I tend not to do one hour sessions for first appointments as the time is really too short for as a full body massage once the consultation is complete.

It is however important to note if anything has changed since the previous session, whether that be an improvement or if things have deteriorated. While obviously I always hope that things have improved for my clients, and I hope other therapists do to, sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean that things have got worse even if sometimes that has been ameliorated by our work.

The other thing that happens with long term clients is that I get to know them far better than is possible with a one off session. With women I quite often know where they are in their cycle, especially if they are coming for treatments on a weekly basis. I know when clients are expecting things to be more stressful due to exams, moving house or other significant events and can tailor my treatments accordingly. And perhaps most importantly, I learn exactly what they like most in a massage.