Aromatherapy and pregnancy

At least three or four times a year, I am asked if aromatherapy is safe in pregnancy. My answer is always the same – yes, though there are some oils that should be avoided. We need to remember as a society that pregnancy is not an illness! The fact that throughout Western society, the management of pregnancy has been taken over by the medical and allied professions makes many forget this. (I am not decrying the benefits of this in terms of reduced perinatal deaths, maternal deaths and improvement in health generally, just asking that unless there is a medical problem, pregnancy should be treated with common sense rather than kid gloves.)

As to which oils to use and which to avoid, all the oils I have from the umbellifer family are contra indicated as are French and Spike lavender, the sage family and a few others. There are also a number of oils that are contraindicated for children under two years of age and I would urge caution with these. Despite some text books saying Juniper should not be used, there is no evidence for this and it seems to stem from the association of gin with illegal abortions!

Oils I feel are useful are the broad leafed lavender, Rose Geranium and in the early stages ginger can help with morning sickness. However, I would always do a full consultation and choose oils based on the clients desired outcome and which oils they particularly like or don’t like if relevant.

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