When did you last Treat Yourself?

For some this is most days, something nice to eat, playing some favourite music, a long shower or hot bath etc. For others, and this is particularly true of those who suffer from anxiety or depression this is much more difficult and yet these are the people who probably need  to do so the most. This is where an Aromatherapy Massage can really help. There is a lot of evidence to show how therapeutic touch and massage can help with both of these conditions and certain essential oils can also help a lot.  Rose and Jasmine are particularly helpful for those suffering loss or who have been abused. Frankincense is a wonderful oil for helping us to stay centred. Bergamot, Bitter Orange and other Citrus oils help those with depression and also aid clarity of thinking with their clean aromas. In my practice in Cambridge I have seen all these oils help along with many others.

If you have been avoiding treating yourself, especially if this is alongside feelings of not being worth it contact me to book an aromatherapy massage.

07939273569 or dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com