New Clients

I have seen a few new clients in my Cambridge practice over the past few weeks, problems ranging from neck and shoulder problems to depression, anxiety and grief.

As always each client is an individual and while I will use bitter orange or bergamot essential oil with ninety per cent of my clients who have depression, this is not and should never be automatic. Each client’s needs are different even if the name given to the problem is t he same. I also have to check that a client is not allergic or sensitised to a particular oil. ThisĀ  last is most likely if a client has in the past indulged in the unsafe practice of applying neat oil directly to the skin. Sensitisation due to use of undiluted essential oils is a particular risk with the citrus oils and more so if combined with UV exposure. One reason I quite like it when depressed patients have evening appointments – by the next morning the time period for UV exposure will be up by the time they might go out in the sun! However I still warn clients on the off chance that they might use sun beds.

Remember, whatever your issues you are worth it!

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Please note, I am away from 7th to 20th April but taking bookings for after that.