Oils that many will not have heard of

Every once in a while, I buy an oil that I have not  had in my collection before. This past week I have been on Crete where I visited, Wild Herbs of Crete, where Janina Sorenson, (originally from Denmark) has made her home in the village of Kallikratis. She was the first to distil an oil from the seeds of Agnus Castus though it was used in herbal traditions for thousands of years prior to this. She also distils, wild Carrot, and Thyme, chemotype carvacol.

The first of these oils, is a wonderful one for women with either menopausal or menstruation problems. Helping to correct oestrogen/progesterone imbalance.

Carrot Seed oil is an oil that is a marvellous tonic for the skin for those of any age while the Thyme oil is now on my must have list for respiratory problems as well as for those with gastric issues. Needless to say, these oils also have properties for working with the emotions as well! Thyme for instance is an oils to instil strength and courage. Carrot Seed is not surprisingly, one of the oils that is good for helping us to stay grounded. Agnus Castus or chasetetree is particularly useful for helping women to find balance in their lives.



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