Its just Oil isn’t it?

Aromatherapists often discuss the merits of different essential oils. The number of them available is increasing year on year and we all have our favourite go to essential oils, often related to the type of clients we tend to work with.

Of equal importance is the carrier or base oil. My favourite is coconut but I also use Walnut and Olive oil at times. The latter is what I use in the skin balm I make using essential oils and wax from my bees.

Some massage therapists use mediums such as powder for massage or various other preparations some using oil based lubricants. There is an issue for sports massage therapists who wish to control the amount of friction when they do a massage and while not having used any of the products on the market for them I do understand that it may be more difficult to get the control they want with an organic natural product. I am not saying that they are wrong to use the products they do, just that they are not for me or my practice in Cambridge where I believe it is important that no artificial chemicals are involved.

I recently while on Crete bought some organic Avocado oil and this  is something I will use sparingly, almost exclusively for the face. Even at the price I paid there for it it is considerably more expensive than the oils I normally use. Other oils that can be added to the main carrier oil to help the skin include raspberry seed, rose hip, sea buckthorn and many others.

Another reason to know about the carrier oils used is allergies. My preference for using cold pressed oils rather than more refined oils means I am slightly more at risk of a client having an allergic reaction. (The worst so far has been a mild rash that was gone within a couple of hours.) This is because  allergic reactions as opposed to sensitivity reactions are much more likely to be to proteins present in small quantities in cold pressed oils than to any constituents of essential oils though on rare occasions those reactions do occur. This is just one of the reasons it is important to ask clients about allergies during the initial consultation. Of course they may not always be aware of an allergy so the practitioner needs to be aware of this.

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