Guidance for new Clients

I would guess that about a third of my new clients are completely new to massage and or aromatherapy. Inevitably, they feel differently about the appointment to someone who has been many times before. The most common question is, “How much to I take off?” or some version of this. Most clients strip to underpants/knickers but about one in ten take everything off. I am happy to work with either. If a client is worried they can do a number of things. They can have a friend present during the treatment, they can have me go out of the room while they turn over from lying on their front to lying on their back and they always have control over what parts of the body are massaged and which are not. Some clients, the buttocks are included but most opt not to have this. I normally do the abdomen but occasionally clients wish not to have this.

I have occasionally had clients who become very tearful or have some other emotional release during the treatment. They sometimes don’t know whether to talk about this or not. Again this is entirely up to the client. If they don’t wish to talk, it is not my place to try and push them into this. They may well have another avenue as in a psychotherapist to talk about this. On the other hand, I do always acknowledge that I have noticed it and tell them that either option is fine.

Ideally I advise clients not to go straight into doing something stressful immediately afterwards and the same goes for exercise which would normally leave them sweating profusely as the oil can temporarily block the sweat glands leading to a risk of overheating.

There is of course a long list of medical conditions that clients might question whether massage is OK with. In the overwhelming majority the answer to a treatment being OK is, “yes” both for massage and for aromatherapy, however some conditions might preclude over vigorous massage or reduce the choices of oils available. I have in my Cambridge practice yet to have a potential client who is unable to receive massage or even have a severely restricted choice of essential oils. (Children under two I wouldn’t use essential oils and under ten I would use a reduced dosage. I would also insist on a responsible adult being present if the child is under 16.

If you have never had a massage or aromatherapy treatment before why not phone 07939273569 or email to book an appointment and see what you think?