Mental Health Awareness Week

In UK at least, this is mental health awareness week. For me this is a time to remind myself and others that it is good to talk, good to look after ourselves and those around us. Good to admit to feelings of anxiety, hurt loneliness and many others that are seen as negative. A time to say clearly that being honest about these things is a sign of strength rather than one of weakness.

When I see clients with these issues, sometimes perhaps always, my listening to them is even more important than the aromatherapy massage treatment that follows or sometimes goes alongside the talking. (I have clients who like silence during a treatment and others who talk through it. Both are OK.)

An Aromatherapy Massage using essential oils specially chosen for your needs does not have to be a luxury, only enjoyed on special occasions. It can be a regular thing to support your mental and physical  health. If you do suffer from depression or any other mental health issues, remember, you deserve the good things in life just as much as the person you see who has it all. Misery is not something that anyone deserves!

If you could benefit from being listened to and then having an aromatherapy massage or know someone who really needs it, why not book a treatment for yourself or them? (Or even both!)