Coping with Exams 2018

I have just listened on Radio4 to a mother whose son committed suicide because of exam stress.

Let me start this post by saying that I do not advocate Aromatherapy or Massage as an alternative to professional help if a young person doing exams or anyone else for that matter is in need of this. Indeed if I see someone in my Cambridge practice whom I think needs to see a mental health professional I will say so.

However, Aromatherapy and massage can help those sitting exams or undergoing other stressful events in their lives. And many who are not at the stage of needing a mental health professional can benefit from these approaches. Those needing professional help can still benefit but it should be as well as rather than instead of. Rosemary can help with retention of information while studying. Frankincense can help us to stay calm as can Vetiver. Citrus oils can also help with this and also help prevent depression due to stress.

Oils can be used on a tissue to inhale them, in a burner ore vapouriser or through massage. I have had a few clients who have been really helped by massage at this time. I should point out that if clients are under 16 I will require a responsible adult (usually a parent) to be present for any massage. At a project aimed at young people at risk of self harm, I do massage of just hands and arms, feet and head and neck. (It can be any combination of these.)

If you know someone who might benefit from an aromatherapy massage to help with exam stress, phone 07939273569 or email

Do discuss it with the individual first and possibly show them the video if they want to know what is involved.