Bees and Aromatherapy

This is the time of year when I often post about bees because it is the swarming season. Bees of different sorts as well as other pollinating insects are vital to aromatherapists as so many of the plants essential oils come from rely on them. Indeed many of the essential oils are used to attract pollinating insects to the plant and careful observation of the plants can often determine which sorts of insects do the pollination.

Plants where the flowers open or give off their scent in the late evening are almost inevitably pollinated by moths, Evening primrose and Night scented Stocks being two examples. . Morning glory on the other hand is pollinated by bumble bees that can fly in lower temperatures than honey bees.

Other flowers have shorter or longer tubes that the bee has to stick its tongue into to get the nectar. Comfrey and red clover for instance are pollinated by long tailed species of bumble bee. Other plants such as Linden or Lime, attract just about every sort of bee to them.

As well as pollinating the plants, my beeskept on Trumpington allotments in Cambridge also provide honey and the beeswax I use in making a skin balm using essential oils and organic olive oil.

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