Nature’s Way

Having trained in Aromatherapy, as a nurse, both general nursing and mental health and also having trained for different lengths of time in different aspects of psychotherapy, I am often asked questions about what to do about a wide range of problems.

However even more often I get asked, “Should I be feeling this?” or some variation of that question seeming to imply that there is something wrong with what they are feeling. This may be a symptom that has gone on longer than they think it should after an injury or infection or it may be to do with emotional trauma. I see these feelings, whatever the source as nature’s way of telling us what is going on either in our body or in our mind.

These feelings are not right or wrong, they just are there. Sometimes the question is about not feeling upset enough about something. In these cases I sometimes ask how feeling more upset would help the individual or those around them. Perhaps they need to be the one in the system to hold things together for a while.

As an aromatherapist, I often find myself choosing oils with my clients that aid acceptance and paradoxically, acceptance often helps us to move on.

Oils that can help with this include Rose, Frankincense, Citrus oils, Vetiver and many more. Combining them with a massage treatment can relax both the body and the mind allowing the oils to do their work. At the same time the oils can relax or stimulate and make the massage more effective.

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