What goes into our bodies?

Perhaps because I am a practitioner of an holistic therapy or it may be just the company I keep but a lot of those I know are careful about what they eat and drink. Many only eat organic produce. Some are vegetarian, some vegan and all these terms are defined differently by different people. I make no judgements about others choices in this though I do have my own opinions but I also recognise that others  come from different starting points. At my local supermarket, I won’t buy much organic produce because of the amount of plastic it is packaged in.

My own stance is that for essential oils and the carrier/base oils I use, I do insist on organic. For some other things I feel local is more important than organic, especially meat and of course honey which comes from my own bees, kept on foster Road Allotments, Trumpington, Cambridge but I don’t call it organic because the bees forage on things like oil seed rape which is a heavily sprayed crop. The beeswax that goes into my skin balm, likewise I can not call organic. (Actually the amount I produce wouldn’t make it economic for me to get it certified even if it did meet all the criteria.

However, some crops and meat actual exceed the organic standards but either for economic or sometimes political (with a small p) reasons the producer chooses not to certify them.

What I do want is for all of us to think about where what we eat, drink or put on our skin comes from. I do believe that if we all do that we will make better and more informed choices.

If you wish to purchase skin balm or book a massage where all the choices have been  thought about from an ethical and environmental point of view please call 07939273569 or email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com