Water is essential for healthy living. How much we need is a topic of some debate. I looked at various sites from an internet search and found figures for an adult male varying between 2litres and 3.7litres a day. However one site with the latter figure, included non-water beverages and our intake in food in that figure which muddies the water a bit. There are also sites that give even higher figures and it makes sense that if one is exercising or we are sweating a lot due to hot weather the figure should be increased.

There is also some evidence that increasing our water (and here I am talking about drinking it as water) can aid in losing weight through speeding up the metabolism.

However it was not health that got me thinking about water today but rather the fact that our allotment plots in Trumpington on the Southern edge of Cambridgeimg_20180616_205438 are desperate for it! We do not have hoses on our site so that means lots of carrying of watering cans. and this is another area where we need to look after our health.

Don’t carry a can heavier than is comfortable. Carry two smaller cans rather than one big one. (I use two big ones about two thirds full each as full they are slightly painful for my wrists.

When carrying these or other heavy objects be mindful about how you move, especially if you have any damaged knee, or hip joints etc. Keeping your body in alignment will prevent/reduce further damage.

Even if you follow the rules, if you have a large plot or garden, you might still end up with aches from this. That would be the time to book an aromatherapy massage by calling 07939273569 or emailing dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com