Why use a blend rather than a single oil?

Yesterday, I saw a new client at a Youth Centre near Cambridge where I do some work with adolescents at risk of attending accident and emergency with self harm problems. I made up a blend with her and one of the full time staff at the centre using, German Chamomile,Frankincense and Rose Geranium.

One of the most important things in my mind about a blend is that the client finds it pleasant and on this occasion she absolutely loved it! This was partly because I let her smell a wide range of oils that might be helpful with her particular problems before choosing what went into the blend. I chose Rose geranium as an oil for healing emotional scars. Frankincense as an oil that helps in being grounded, is also an antidepressant and is particularly helpful in anxiety. German Chamomile was chosen again for its effect on anxiety which was the index problem but also because it is a helpful oil for sleep issues.

The blend was made in raw Coconut oil, one of my favourites for massage. It also has the advantage of being solid at room temperature in UK. (There are a few days coming up when the weather forecast indicates that might not be the case!)

To address the question of why use a blend, firstly there are often occasions when one single oil doesn’t address every aspect of a problem my client wants addressed. The second reason is that or synergy. The total really is more than the sum of the parts. In the case above, the emotional wounding is the root of the anxiety felt by the client. This causes difficulty in getting off to sleep and lack of sleep in turn exacerbates anxiety.

Both the German Chamomile, the Frankincense and to a lesser extent the Rose Geranium all help directly with the anxiety. The latter two are also both oils that will help with the emotional issues behind it. This all goes to make the blend much more powerful than any of the individual oils would have been.