Feeling the heat.

Yesterday I was testing my scything skills and finding them wanting. However the scything festival at Wimpole Hall was fun and I learned a lot which was the main reason


for going. Using a scythe is a skill that needs practise to reach a high standard and maintain it. It is also hard work but it is absolutely the best way to manage a meadow and to increase the biodiversity of the ecosystem.


It is the method I use on the grass in Trumpington Community Orchard and around the bee hives on the adjacent Foster Road allotment site.

This does not directly affect any of the essential oils I use but it does improve the habitat for pollinating insects which many of the plants I rely on for my oils do depend.

Some will question how much this matters and how much difference it makes. To my mind, every little counts. In much of East Anglia and Cambridgeshire where I live, much of the land is an agricultural desert of single crops of little value to these insects. That is why the number of bumblebee species is often higher in towns with their gardens than it is in the more rural settings.

As to the title of this post, it was hot, far too hot to be wielding a scythe but still fun.