You Choose!

When you come for an aromatherapy massage, there are lots of choices to make. For a full body massage, I usually have ninety minute appointments as any shorter means something has to be missed out of my normal full body routine. However, clients with ME sometimes find that long a session exhausts them. There may be many other reasons for a client to choose a shorter session such as not wanting particular parts of the body to be massaged.

There are a number of different carrier oils that can be used but my favourites are walnut and coconut. The first of these could not be used with a client who had a severe nut allergy. Coconut being a palm rather than a nut botanically speaking does not have this problem, though allergy is still possible it is a much rarer one.

It is perhaps when it comes down to the choice of oils that there is the biggest choice of all. I have around 60 different oils that I use though some are used a lot more frequently than others. Both Vetiver and Frankincense are very effective for those who need to stay or get grounded or who suffer from anxiety. Experience has shown that far more clients prefer the smell of Frankincense to that of Vetiver even when only a single drop of the latter has been used in a blend. With virtually every reason for choosing an oil there will be at least three or four that are appropriate so if tackling a complex that involves sleep disturbance, depression and anxiety I might choose a blend that Rose Geranium, Frankincense and German Chamomile.

All three oils will help with anxiety, Frankincense and German Chamomile will help with the sleep issues and the rose Geranium and Frankincense will both help with depression. The above blend was chosen by a client from a range of eight or nine oils that I suggested might be helpful.

Perhaps most important when choosing oils for a psychological condition is that the client likes the blend. If they don’t the effect of not liking the aroma will likely negate much of the therapeutic effect of the oils whereas if the client really loves the combination it will enhance the effect.

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