Try Something New!

How often have you failed at something and told yourself, or been told by another, “You need to try harder?”

I wonder how many can even begin to count the number of times this has happened?  I have certainly seen it and experienced it even after several attempts. In gymnastics and many other fields, the mark of a good teacher is to recognise when one method of teaching isn’t working and to try something else. This is something we all need to be able to do, both for ourselves and for others.

It is even true in Aromatherapy. If the oils I have chosen with my client are making no difference after several months it is time to try something else. More often than making no difference at all is that some symptoms have improved but others haven’t. If that happens, it is time to tweak the blend a

I should make it clear that I am not saying here that anyone should stop their treatment prescribed by their doctor without at least first discussing it with them. Indeed, there have been a few (three) occasions since I started practising that I have advised clients to see their doctors to get things checked out. What I am saying is that in almost every field we might work in but especially in healthcare and allied professions, even more so when mental health is involved, if something isn’t working trying harder should not be the automatic answer. Stop and assess, then decide if  the best next step is to try something different.

As an aromatherapist working in Cambridge and Huntingdon, sometimes when I do that with my clients they think that even though some symptoms are unchanged, the benefit to the others is enough that they don’t want to change. Other times we do change and it helps.

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