Massaage is a Therapy

Many people see massage as little more than a way to unwind and relax. There is of course nothing wrong with this but here in Cambridge I and others see Massage Therapy as much more than this.

That is why we refer to our sessions as therapy or treatment which may be aimed at anything from anxiety or depression and grief to muscle strains, arthritis and other physical conditions.

Those of us who also practise aromatherapy combine the massage with essential oils chosen specifically for the goals the client sets for the session.

Typically a therapist might ask, “If this session achieved everything you want, what would be different at the end of it?” Of course even those of us who see ourselves as therapists get some clients who basically just enjoy massage be that deep tissue or something more gentle.

This was true of a recent client who was twenty-eight weeks pregnant and had been bought the treatment as a birthday present from an aunt whom I had seen a few weeks earlier. However I think it likely that she will return.

To book an appointment for an aromatherapy massage treatment, please ring 07939273569 or email