Aromatherapy for Asthma

This year with the prolonged spell of hot dry weather pollen levels have been very high. This has exacerbated many people’s asthma. Please note that I am not advocating that anyone give up using their prescribed medication unless this is following a consultation with their prescribing doctor. Yesterday I saw a client  at my Cambridge practice who has suffered with this problem and despite taking prescribed medication still suffers from a lot of wheezing at night when she lies down.

I chose a blend of oils that I felt may help this as well as her other problems. (Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Thyme and Pine). She was really surprised that she did not suffer at all from wheezing while lying down on the massage table.


Following this, I posted in my professional association’s Facebook page and found that at least two others have had good results treating asthma with Frankincense essential oil. I tried searching for the scientific basis for this and while I was able to find several sites which endorsed its use, none really explained the mode of action though it seems there is an evidence base for its use.

If looking for information about the use of Frankincense for asthma some sites advocate the use of the undiluted oil on the chest or neck. This practice is not safe! Either inhale the oil or if using on the skin always dilute the oil a couple of drops in a tablespoon of oil. Also unsafe is taking the oil internally which I saw on one site!

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