Time to relax

As Einstein pointed out time is relative. Time spent with a loved one or doing something else enjoyable can be gone all too quickly whereas time waiting for a late train can seem a lot longer than it is in reality, though given current problems even the reality time in that case can be long!

I work a lot with mental health at my practice in Cambrdige. And by that I mean helping people to stay mentally healthy as well as working with those with mental illness. The biggest complaint both of these types of client have is that they struggle to get people to make time for them. Indeed, both of the young adults I saw yesterday have at different times been told they are not ill enough to bee seen by CAMH (Child and Adolescent Mental Health services.)

This despite the fact that both had been self harming at the time.

Indeed the issue of time also applies to most of the clients who come for physical health reasons too. Doctor’s appointments are ten minutes typically as opposed to the twenty to thirty I often spend gaining information for an initial appointment. Most of my appointments are for ninety minutes as this is the only way I can have an adequate consultation and still give a full body massage.

As well as a massage which pays particular attention to your needs as elicited during the consultation, a full hour or more of massage I will also help you in choosing essential oils to meet your needs.

Also during July and August I am offering a £5 discount on first appointments making an hour £45 and ninety minutes £50.

To arrange an appointment call 07939273569 or email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com