Cambridge Summer Heat

This years has brought temperatures that many in the UK do not remember. Here in Cambridge the BBC are suggesting that the next four days will see temperatures of 30C or higher. There are two groups of people particularly affected by this. One is hay fever and asthma sufferers and for this group oils such as Frankincense and Rose Geranium are particularly useful along with both Roman and German Chamomile. I have found over the past few weeks, a number of my clients with these conditions have benefited from these oils.

The other group of clients I have who are suffering in the heat are not unsurprisingly those undergoing the menopause. I have a friend who when it started stated that she was warm for the first time in her life! However I suspect that if she were at the same stage of life now that she was when she told me that,  even she might struggle. Of course everyone is different and that might not be the case.

What I do know is that many of the women I know including my clients who are undergoing the menopause are finding this heat difficult.

Essential oils can help. In particular oils such as Rose, Rose Geranium, Agnus Castus and Cyprus are all among the oils that can help regulate hormones and make this transitional period easier.

My message is that while none of these oils are in themselves an answer to the menopause, they can and do make it easier for many. To book a consultation and massage call 07939273569 or email