Poor Mental Health affects Half of Employees!

Poor mental health affects half of all employees, according to a survey of 44,000 people carried out by the mental health charity Mind.

Only half of those who had experienced problems with stress, anxiety or low mood had talked to their employer about it.

That’s something that must change, says Mind.

Fear, shame and job insecurity are some of the reasons people may choose to hide their worries.

A recent poll by the Institute of Directors found less than one in five firms offered mental health training for managers.

Here is the full article from the BBC.

This is a big part of why I feel it is so important to offer a service where my clients can talk about what is going on, knowing that so long as I am not obliged to speak to anyone else because of legal reasons, (e.g. child protection) what they tell me will be completely confidential. Not only that but I will not judge them for their mental health or other issues. If someone breaks a leg skiing or sky diving and has a time when they are off work or not able to carry out their job exactly as before, this is accepted. Exactly the same should be true if an employee is affected by a mental health issue.

I bring not only an extensive training in Aromatherapy and Massage to my work but also over twenty five years working in mental health in environments where acceptance of those I was working with was all important. I will with you should you come to me choose oils for the goals you set, be that increased confidence, improved sleep, reduced anxiety or depression etc. Also my normal appointment length is ninety minutes allowing time for you to say what you need to and to have a full body massage. (The normal one hour sessions are not enough for this, and the typical length of GP consultations even less appropriate!

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