The skin is one of the most important organs in the body. It is one of those we can not do without. Not that we should have to do without any of them. Losing any affects quality of life in one way or another but the heart, lungs and skin are all organs that we absolutely can not do without.

The skin is also remarkable in that it replaces itself approximately every 27 days. As well ask providing a barrier to the outside world, preventing infections and much else from getting into our bodies, it is also a sense organ, a source of pleasure or pain, a means of gaining information about our surroundings. It tells us whether we need more clothes to protect against the weather or not.  It warns us of extreme heat or cold in order to prevent injury and much much more than I have space to write about here.

It is also semi-permeable in that it lets some molecules pass through it which is used by both medicine and aromatherapists alike. Essential oils diluted in a carrier oil can pass into the blood stream where they are carried to the locations needed to do their work in greater quantities than when inhaled but much more slowly.

It is important that we look after our skin and an aromatherapy massage is an ideal way of doing this. It is also why I will only use organic oils and essential oils in my practice and the same in the skin balm I make using them and beeswax provided by my own bees kept on my allotment in Trumpington, Cambridge.