Quince essential oil?

Anyone who has had a few quince sitting in a bowl will recognise the fragrance. However, it seems to be impossible to source the essential oil which is in the skin of the fruit. (There is also an essential oil which is available from the leaves but I have not tried this yet and also don’t know what time of year one harvests the leaves for it.)

I would guess from the scent that the essential oil would have antidepressant qualities as well as being good for those with anxiety problems.

In the absence of a source to buy the essential oil, I will this year try making an infused oil using the skin of the fruit. I will probably start with a fairly small quantity to assess it. Incidentally, Quince (as well as the fig) has been suggested by many as the tree from the garden of Eden. “For here arose the unfortunate libel, An apple’s not mentioned in anyone’s bible.”