Autumn Scents

Not all the aromas that have an emotional or physical effect on us are from essential oils and certainly not all are from distilled essential oils.

I have been thinking about how many scents there are to do with autumn that on the surface have no link with my practice. Some are essential oils though often ones that are not available to buy easily.

The smell of quinces ripening both on the tree and in a bowl in a room. While there is a fragrance oil available it is nothing like the natural aroma. Some of this is captured in the wine I make most years from quince.

Not there yet but the smell of autumn leaves is to me one of the most iconic autumn aromas of all. It speaks to me of the changing seasons.

Chutney: Cider vinegar, slightly caramelised sugar and whatever goes into the mix as it bubbles away on the stove for an hour or more. This aroma of some of natures goodness being preserved for use during the year pervades the whole house to some extent.

Ivy and its honey sweet yet pungent aroma when I walk past either a hedge covered in blossom or my bee hives when they are collecting nectar from the Ivy. This is along with New Zealand’s manuka one of the most identifiable essential oils in honey but unlike the Manuka it isn’t sold as an essential oil as far as I am aware.

There are of course many many more aromas associated with autumn and the season of harvesting. And of course these will be different depending on where in the world you live. What are your favourites?img_20180926_175320