Loneliness: Can Aromatherapy Help

I have been listening to All in the Mind on Radio4 recently on this topic. Over the past year the programme makers did some extensive researche on loneliness, who feels it the most, what do people do about it and what do they recommend for it and what are the factors that make experiencing it more or less likely.

Of course by coming to see an aromatherapist, someone is already doing something about their loneliness. Having an Aromatherapy Massage is interacting with another human being in a way that is (or at least should be) meaningful and rewarding for the client and the therapist.

Of course if that is all that is happening, why not see a counsellor or some other type of therapist? Well, I believe that there are essential oils that can help in stimulating an individual to do something about their loneliness. Citrus oils of can help us move out of stuck positions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms they help release blocked Qi.

Frankincense can help us with accepting situations and Rose is particularly good when the individual requires nurturing. It is especially useful if loss is part of the reason for loneliness. As well as helping with solace, like Frankincense it can also help us in accepting and being ready to move on.

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