Reasons for having an Aromatherapy Massage

Often, I have clients who mention something physical when they book but it becomes clear in the consultation that the real reason is as much dealing with stress or some other psychological problem.

Most of the time in fact this becomes clear during the consultation time, only occasionally do I not know anything about it till the client has some form of emotional release during the actual massage. When that happens as it did recently, I ask the client if they want to say anything about what is going on and make it clear that is is fine either way. I also check out whether or not it was anything in the massage that prompted it. (It hasn’t been in any of the cases to date but I still ask.)

Touch is when used appropriately, one of the oldest ways of bringing solace to those in distress and the reasons for clients having an emotional release during a massage vary between finding when they relax it all just floods out, realising just how important it is to do something for themselves, finding a space where it is OK to let it out and many more.

I always feel very privileged when this happens as it implies a particular level of trust. In another way, I feel the same when a client feels safe enough to drift in and out of sleep during a massage as many do.

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